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Licensed in Oregon, Washington, California and Alaska for Fire Origin & Cause Investigation
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Multi-State Licensed Fire Investigation Company based in Oregon City, OR 

With over 25 years of experience, our fire investigation company in Oregon City, OR has the knowledge and tools required to process the most complex fire and explosion investigations for residential and commercial structures, and automobiles. Our fire investigator Jerry Flowerdew and the team at Flowerdew Fire Cause Consulting, LLC, is happy to offer the high-quality professional fire scene analysis services and solutions you need.

Turn to our company for researching the following:

• Fire Origin & Cause (Including Arson Detection)

• Fire & Building, Electrical, & Safety Code Evaluations

• Wildland Fires

• Forensic Fire Investigation Services 

• Explosions & Vehicle Fires 

• Expert Witness Testimony - Subrogation 

Subrogation & Liability Recovery

Licensed in Oregon, Washington, California and Alaska, we are proud of our reputation for providing thorough and unbiased origin and cause evaluations. When it comes to subrogation and liability cases, we qualify as an expert witness to deliver accurate and impartial court testimony. Subrogation recovery can be an very complex task, and we can provide expert opinion regarding subrogation potentials and fire loss investigations. 

All Flowerdew Fire Cause Consulting, LLC investigations are conducted using the guidelines of National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 921 and the scientific method. For more information about our fire investigation company based in Oregon City, OR, contact us today.



Contact us today in Oregon City, Oregon, to submit an origin and cause assignment for a suspicious fire. We proudly serve clients in Oregon, Washington, California, and Alaska.